Stokkr will be shut down on January 31, 2024. Here's why.

Stokkr delivers free high-res stock photos from Unsplash straight to your Dropbox!

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Tini tiny FAQ

What is Unsplash?

Unsplash is one the best free stock photo sites out there. Every 10 days they curate a collection of 10 photos, showcasing some of the best photos from the site. Unsplash has a great, active community posting dozens of new photos every day.

How does Stokkr work?

Stokkr uses the Unsplash API to retrieve photos from Unsplash. It allows us to quickly and easily get the photos you liked on Unsplash. The photos are then automatically sent to your Dropbox using the Dropbox API.

Why can I no longer get curated photos?

The curated collection API endpoints have been removed by Unsplash back in October. And due to a complete overhaul of how we sync photos to your Dropbox, we can no longer offer that service without the API endpoint. You can find details in this post, including a download link for all photos from the former curated collections.

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