Frequently asked questions

  1. How much free space do I need?

    For liked photos you should have about 4MB of free space per photo. You can easily check how many photos you liked by going to your Unsplash profile. However, you can always move some of the photos out of your Dropbox to free up space again (see number 7).

  2. What happens when my Dropbox is full?

    We will pause your synchronization and contact you via email so you can move images you already have out for your Dropbox (see number 7). Your synchronization will automatically restart once your Dropbox has at least 300 megabytes of free space.

  3. How long will it take until all photos are synced to my Dropbox?

    We are currently synchronizing 90 photos every 5 minutes. This gives us a daily capacity of 25,920 photos. So you should see images flying into your Dropbox a few minutes after signing up.

  4. Is there a wait list?

    No. We are looping through all users to see if they have new photos to sync to their Dropbox. We then queue up to 90 photos from different users and sync them to the respective Dropbox accounts.

  5. Is there a way to make this go faster?

    Right now there is not. We are considering offering a premium service for a very affordable price in the future. If you are interested in a premium variant hit up @taduuda on Twitter.

  6. Will you send me a newsletter or something?

    No. We will not send you any email apart from the sign up confirmation unless there is a problem.

  7. Will you have access to all files in my Dropbox?

    No. When authorizing with Dropbox you will only be asked to grant us access to an "App folder" (Apps/Stokkr). We can only access files in this folder.

  8. Can I move photos out of the folder in my Dropbox?

    Yes, you can. We use a database to determine which photos you already have, so you are free to move the photos out of the folder they were synced to.

  9. Do the photo's filenames mean anything?

    They do! The filenames contain the photo's ID and the username of the photographer who posted to the image to Unsplash. Let's take a look at an example.

    Filename: id+N7XodRrbzS0++author+alejandroescamilla.jpg
    Photo ID: N7XodRrbzS0
    Photographer: alejandroescamilla

    You can use the ID to find the photo on Unsplash ('s-id) if you're looking for further information on the photo or want to provide a link to the source. The photographer's username can be used to give credit (which is not required, but always appreciated) and to find the photographer's profile ('s-username).

  10. How can I change my settings or delete my account?

    The confirmation email we sent you after you signed up contains a link to where you can change your settings or delete your account. In case you deleted the email just send an email with/from the email address you registered with to [email protected].

  11. Is Stokkr based on Splashbox?

    No. Stokkr has no connection to Splashbox.